The list of links below are intended to provide visitors to this page with a convenient starting-place in their search for Catholic web-pages and online resources on the internet.  The list is organized in broad categories, and is not intended to represent a complete and comprehensive survey of all available sites in each category.   Furthermore, visitors must recognize that the internet is a complex and interconnected web, and thus some sites listed below may contain links to other pages containing information that may be at least unofficial, and at worst doctrinally unsound.  Only the official sites of specific hierarchical levels or branches of the Catholic church should be considered to be largely free from such problems.  Some sites noted below provide rating systems that may assist Catholics in discerning questionable sites, organizations, or material.  In any case, the links below are not intended to be recommendations, but rather starting-places for self study.
Official Catholic Church Sites

The Holy See   Official homepage of the Vatican, with news releases and church documents, archives, a tour of the Vatican museums, and much more.

Archdiocese of Atlanta   Official Archdiocesan homepage, including a list of all parishes (with links to their homepages), a current calendar of events, back issues of articles in the Georgia Bulletin, and a site-specific search engine.

National Conference of Catholic Bishops/United States Catholic Conference  Joint homepage of these two Washington-based organizations, including a wide range of resources and publications.

Major Catholic Religious Orders

Order of Friars Minor (Franciscans)   Official homepage of the General Curia of the Order of Friars Minor, a.k.a. the Franciscans, in Rome.

Order of Preachers (Dominicans)   Official homepage of the Order of Preachers, a.k.a. the Dominicans.

Order of Saint Benedict   Homepage of the Order of St. Benedict, a.k.a. the Benedictines; hosted by the College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University.

Jesuits Online  An excellent page maintained by the Society of Jesus in the United States, providing information about the Jesuit order and Jesuit spirituality originally developed by St. Ignacius de Loyola; see also Jesuit Resources on the World Wide Web, an excellent site containing even more extensive Jesuit information, resources, links, etc.; not an official web page, but one maintained by Jesuits Rev. Raymond Bucko and Rev. Richard VandeVelde.


Other Catholic Organizations

Knights of Columbus  Official homepage of the Supreme Council, with information on the Knights and their history, current activities, an online edition of Columbia magazine, and information on the Knights insurance program; or you can visit the Georgia State Council's webpage, or Georgia's 4th Degree DeSoto Province page.

Serra Atlanta  Official homepage of the organization "supporting vocations in the Archdiocese of Atlanta," with resources for those interested in becoming monks, friars, apostolic priests, deacons, nuns, and sisters.


Major Catholic Documents and References

The New American Bible  The online text of the New American Bible, including the full Old Testament and the first few books of the New Testament; hosted by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops/United States Catholic Conference.

The Vulgate Bible   The online text of the Latin translation of the bible, originally translated by St. Jerome in the 4th and 5th centuries A.D. (or see here for text files on a gopher server).

The Catechism of the Catholic Church (also here)   The full text of the modern catechism.

The Nazareth Master Catechism  An excellent side-by-side presentation and comparison of five major historical Catholic catechisms, including the 1273 Catechetical Instructions of St. Thomas Aquinas, the 1566 Catechism of the Council of Trent, the 1891 Baltimore Catechism number 4, the 1910 Catechism of St. Pius X, and the 1992 Catechism of the Catholic Church.

The Catholic Liturgical Library   A wide range of online documents and texts relating to the Liturgy.

The Catholic Encyclopedia   The 1913 edition, containing a wide range of entries and articles organized alphabetically; hosted by New Advent.

List of Popes  An online list of all popes, from the Catholic Encyclopedia.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library  A broad range of online books and documents, including an excellent online collection of writings by the Early Church Fathers during the first 800 years of the Church.

Guide to Early Church Documents  Another fine collection of online early church documents, hosted by the Internet Christian Library based in Portland, Oregon.


Patron Saints Index   An excellent and cross-referenced list of saints with extensive resources including biographies, writings, art, links, and much more; maintained by the Catholic Community Forum.

Primary Catholic Links Sites  An excellent "Catholic Start Directory" with a wide range of well-organized resources and links, including updated daily readings and a Catholic search engine, all strictly faithful to the magisterium of the Church; maintained by Paul McLachlan in Australia.

Catholic Information Network (CIN)   Very extensive set of links to Catholic sites and resources; sponsored by St. Gabriel Gift & Book Nook in California.

Catholic Information Center on Internet (CICI)  Wide range of links to Catholic sites and resources; maintained by the volunteer organization by the same name based in Hillsdale, New Jersey (Note: includes javascript news ticker, which makes it load slowly).

Catholic Index @  An extremely comprehensive list of links to Catholic sites and resources, organized in quick-loading alphabetical format in the AlaPopStop Index; maintained by Father John J. Stryjewski in Grand Bay, Alabama.

The Catholic Goldmine   A very extensive and well-organized set of Catholic links on a personal site created and maintained by Chris Miller in Solona, Iowa.

PetersNet  An extensive range of links to Catholic sites and resources, including a very effective grading system that evaluates sites using the categories of Fidelity, Resources, and Implementation; sponsored by Trinity Communications, a non-profit based in Nokesville, Virginia.

New Advent  An excellent and well-organized personal site with links to Catholic sites and resources, including online texts of the 1913 Catholic Encyclopedia, St. Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica, and many other writings of the Church Fathers; created and maintained by Kevin Knight in Denver, Colorado, with volunteer help.

CatholiCity  A wide range of Catholic resources and links presented in the format of an online "city"; maintained by the Mary Foundation in Fairview Park, Ohio.

Catholic Online  A very extensive set of Catholic resources and links, including free web-based email addresses (; maintained by the organization by the same name based in Bakersfield, California.

Christus Rex  A wide range of links to sites with Catholic art and other resources; maintained by the organization of the same name under the direction of Michael Olteanu, a Marian lay brother from Romania who spent 5 years in a Gulag as an anti-Soviet dissident.

Catholic Links  Worldwide Catholic links in English and Spanish, organized by individual countries; maintained by theology student Luis Javier Moxó of Toledo, Spain.

Other Catholic Churches in the Archdiocese of Atlanta
All Saints, Dunwoody
Saint Andrew,
Saint Ann,
Saint Ann,
Saint Anna,
Saint Anthony,
Saint Anthony,
Blue Ridge
Saint Augustine,
Saint Benedict,
Saint Bernadette,
Most Blessed Sacrament,
Saint Brendan,
Saint Brigid,
Saint Catherine Laboure, Commerce (Mission)
Saint Catherine of Siena, Kennesaw
Centro Catolico del Espiritu Santo (Mission)
Christ our Hope, Lithonia
Christ our King and Savior, Greensboro
Christ Redeemer, Dawsonville
Christ the King, Atlanta (Cathedral)
Corpus Christi,
Stone Mountain
Mision Catolica de Duluth (Mission)
Saint Elizabeth Seton, Warm Springs (Mission)
San Felipe de Jesus,  Atlanta (Mission)
Saint Francis de Sales,
Saint Francis of Assisi,
Saint Francis of Assisi, Cartersville
Saint Gabriel,
Saint George,
Saint Gerard Majella,
Fort Oglethorpe
Good Samaritan,
Good Shepherd,
Saint Helena,
Holy Cross,
Holy Family,
Holy Spirit,
Holy Trinity,
Peachtree City
Holy Vietnamese Martyrs, Atlanta (Mission)
Immaculate Conception,
Immaculate Heart of Mary,
Saint James, Madison , Madison (Mission)
Saint James the Apostle,
Saint John the Evangelist Hapeville
Saint John Neumann,
Saint John Vianney,
Lithia Springs
Saint Joseph,
Saint Joseph,
Saint Joseph,
Saint Joseph, Washington
Saint Jude,
Saint Katharine Drexel Mission, Trenton
Korean Martyrs Pastoral Center,
Saint Lawrence,
Saint Luke the Evangelist,
Saint Marguerite D'Youville Lawrenceville
Saint Mark,
Saint Mary, Elberton (Mission)
Saint Mary, Jackson
Saint Mary,
Saint Mary Magdalene,
Saint Mary,
Mary Our Queen,
Saint Matthew,
Saint Matthew,
Saint Michael,
Saint Michael the Archangel,
Saint Monica,
Saint Oliver Plunkett,
Our Lady of the Americas, Lilburn (Mission)
Our Lady of the Assumption,
Our Lady of LaSalette, Canton
Our Lady of Lourdes,
Our Lady of the Mount,
Lookout Mountain
Our Lady of the Mountains, Jasper
Our Lady of Perpetual Help,
Our Lady of Viet Nam, Riverdale
Saint Patrick,
Saint Paul, Cleveland
Saint Paul of the Cross,
Saint Peter,
Saint Peter Chanel,
Saints Peter and Paul,
Saint Peter the Rock, The Rock
Saint Pius X,
Prince of Peace,
Flowery Branch
Saint Philip Benizi,
Purification, Sharon (Mission)
Queen of Angels, Thomson
Sacred Heart,
Sacred Heart, Griffin
Sacred Heart,
Sacred Heart, Milledgeville
Saint Stephen the Martyr,
Saint Theresa,
Saint Thomas the Apostle,
Saint Thomas Aquinas,
Saint Thomas More,
Saint Vincent De Paul,
Catholic Apologetics

Catholic Answers  Apologetics and evangelization site based on El Cajon, Ca.

Biblical Evidence for Catholicism   Another page with extensive apologetics resources, maintained by Dave Armstrong.

Augustine Club Apologetics Toolkit   Another page, maintained by the student-run Augustine Club at Columbia University in New York.

Catholic Apologetics   Another page, including links to Envoy Magazine and the Apologia-L email list; maintained by Steve Clifford.

Corunum Catholic Apologetic Web Page  Another page, citing early church documents in the defense of specific theological topics; maintained by Joseph Gallegos.

Catholic Biblical Apologetics  The online text of an excellent apologetics book with a wide range of resources; maintained by Paul Flanagan and Robert Schihl.

Catholic Apologetics Another extensive page; maintained by Mary's Disciples for Jesus in Granville, Ill.

Catholic News & Media

Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN)   Homepage of EWTN, including abundant resources and links, as well as a live online radio broadcast through Real Audio..

Catholic World News (CWN)   Homepage of the independent organization of lay Catholic journalists based in South Lancaster, Massachusets offering subscriptions to their email news service; only headlines and first paragraphs are available free.

Zenit  Homepage of the international news agency based in Rome, and dedicated to reporting on issues of interest to Catholics and the Catholic Church; includes free subscription for email delivery.

Radio Vaticana  Online broadcasts of news clips from Radio Vaticana recorded daily in various languages and played through Real Audio.

Catholic News & Literature  A broad range of Catholic media sources, including magazines, diocesan newspapers, books, and radio.

Daily Readings and Prayers

Universalis (Liturgy of the Hours)  Current daily psalms, prayers, readings, etc. for the major hours of the Liturgy of the Hours (Divine Office), including morning, evening, and night prayer, and the office of readings.

The Catholic Calendar Page  Current daily Mass readings, along with information on the appropriate mystery of the rosary, festivals or holidays, etc., as well as detailed monthly calendars.

CIN Daily Word Page   Another site with current daily Mass readings, including commentary from the Navarre Bible, or you can subscribe here to have readings delivered in your email daily.

Links in Spanish/ Enlaces en Español

ACI Digital  Página de la Agencia Católica de Informaciones en América Latina, basada en Lima, Perú; tiene una grán selección de enlaces Católicos.

Angeles, Santos, Papas, y Personas Ejemplares  Una página con mucha información sobre los santos y otros contenidos; mantenida por el Centro Católico de Evangelización SCTJM.

Biblioteca Electrónica Cristiana  Muy buena página de enlaces y recursos Católicos; mantenida por VE Multimedios en Lima, Perú.

Catholic Links  Una página bilingüe con enlaces Católicos organizados por paises del mundo; mantenida por un estudiante de teología, Luis Javier Moxó en Toledo, España.

Centro Católico de Evangelización SCTJM   Página de enlaces y recursos Católicos; mantenida por las Siervas de los Corazones Traspasados de Jesús y María, basada en Miami, Florida.

Church Forum  Página de enlaces Católicos, basada en Mexico.

Conferencia Episcopal Española   Página oficial de la organización basada en Madrid.

Consejo Episcopal Latinoamericano  Página oficial de la organización basada en Santa Fé de Bogotá en Colombia, uniendo las 22 Conferencias Episcopales que se sitúan desde México hasta el Cabo de Hornos,
incluyendo el Caribe y las Antillas.  Otra página de enlaces Católicos.

Iglesia Católica en Internet  Una página personal de enlaces Católicos con anotaciones y comentarios, y con una lista muy completa de conferencias episcopales, archidiócesis, diócesis y parróquias de Latinoamerica; mantenido por Mario Villalta.

La iglesia que habla y reza en Castellano   Unas páginas muy buenas con enlaces Católicos en español; mantenido por Paul Zink.

Indice de Enlaces Católicos   Una página bilingüe de enlaces fieles al Magisterio de la Iglesia; parte de la página Cató que tiene enlaces para todos los Ritos Católicos en comunión con Roma.

R.I.I.A.L.  Página de la Red Informática de la Iglesia en América Latina


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