Why I Am Catholic

A Weekly Series by Rev. Joseph J. Shaute


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The Bible
The “Catholic Books” of the Old Testament Every so often a non-Catholic will ask me, “Why does your Bible have more books than mine?” The simple answer is Martin Luther.
God interprets the Bible for us

God interprets the Bible for us and our role is to seek His interpretation. Not to insert any personal things into how we read and interpret.

Complete Interpretation of Scripture

Back on November 16, I wrote about the “Proper Interpretation of the Bible.” In the following weeks I covered the topics of Scripture and Tradition and understanding the Book of Revelation. We then hit Advent and I saved other Scripture topics for the New Year.

Proper understanding of Book of Revelation Over the centuries, the Book of Revelation is the most misunderstood and misinterpreted book in the Bible. Many people have claimed the world was ending and it didn’t. Others claimed certain people were “the Anti Christ,” and while they are viewed as “bad people,” we cannot say they were “the Anti Christ.”


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