August, 2008


With one of the largest groups ever attending, the August meeting of the Clementines paid tribute to the Summer Olympics in Beijing with great food, conversation and a little silly fun.

Seminarian Nicholas and the office staff, Wendy and Denise, took it upon themselves to decorate the parish hall appropriately and bring in wonderful Chinese dishes such of beef, chicken, shrimp, vegetables with white and fried rice.  Desserts always make a big hit and this month was no exception with Red Velvet Cake and Chocolate Mint Cream Pie

Fr. Joe challenged the group to undergo a little competition to emulate our US Olympic Team. 

That's when things started getting crazy!  Denise said it is good luck to eat oranges.  So the Olympic challenge was to smile with an orange in your mouth. 

You be the judge as to our winner below.


Sister Maria Ofeli visiting the area attended the luncheon and treated us to a beautiful song
 "Finding Peace"










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