July, 2009


The Clementines were treated to a wonderful luncheon prepared by our 2009 Seminarian, Luis Alvarez.  Luis's home country is Puerto Rico and he brought with him a tasty variety of his homeland's cuisine.  Working from noon and Tuesday until late at night and again all morning Wednesday, his skill paid off as you can see from the empty dishes. He has provided us with the recipes and how we can duplicate them at home.

Empty dishes tell the tale - Delicioso!


Arroz Blanco (White Rice)

Camarones a la Criolla (Creole Shrimp)

Habichuelas Guisadas (Stewed Beans)

Sofrito (a simple mix of herbs & spices)

Pechugas en Salsa de Guayaba (Chicken breast with Guava sauce)

Araņitas (literally “little spiders;” only in look, not in taste!)

Simple Dipping Sauce (MayoKetchip)

Mojito (Dipping Sauce)

Flan de Queso (literally cheese flan)

Recipes downloadable in Adobe Format 


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