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Feast Days

Another reason is because of all the devotions and spiritual tools that have been developed over the centuries through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


At Pentecost, Christ sent His Holy Spirit to establish the Catholic Church. To set up one church that would continue His work and ministry and preach the Good News, beginning with those who walked with Him, knew Him, saw Him after He rose from the dead, and saw Him ascend into Heaven. He filled them with His Spirit, freeing them from fear, equipping them for what they would be called to do, and showering them with His love.

Corpus Christi

The feast of Corpus Christi (The Body and Blood of Christ) originated in the diocese of Liege, Belgium in 1247, through the petition of St. Juliana, an Augustinian nun with great Eucharistic devotion who desired a feast to celebrate the gift of the Eucharist. Jacques Pantaleón, then Archdeacon of Liege, became Pope Urban IV in 1261 and wrote a papal bull in 1264 making this a feast for the whole Church.

Feast of Epiphany

The visit of the three wise men (or three kings) has been celebrated going back to the earliest years of the Church. Epiphany means “appearance or manifestation.” The feast is also called Theophany (12th day). According to Wikipedia, the earliest reference to the feast is in the year 361. In 385, a pilgrim writes of the feast being celebrated on Jan. 6 in Bethlehem and Jerusalem.


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